How to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash?

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Fact is, hydrogen peroxide is a common liquid substance used in different products related to beauty and healthy issues. It is very effective in eradicating bacteria and using it as a mouthwash is very common. However, is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash? How to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash? This article, made by, will expose to you the answer of those questions, including advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. Some information of this article is referred from WebMD.

Generally, hydrogen peroxide is a pale bluish liquid which is colorless when diluted in aqueous form. It has many daily uses because of its strong oxidizing properties. It can damage bacteria through oxidation damage. The oxidation creates free radicals which could ultimately destablize the molecular structure as well as cellular strength of bacteria cells, thereby resulting in their demise.

 So Is It Safe To Use Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash?

It has been proven that hydrogne peroxide could be safely used as mouthwash. It is important to know the proper amount of hydrogen peroxide used as mouthwash. This will determine the safety of this method. Using hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash is simple if you use the right type of hydrogen peroxide. Doctors recommend using 1%-3% hydrogen peroxide and mixing it with an equal part of water. Some government websites giving the recommendations for using hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash to treat different diseases like gingivitis, plaque, dental caries, etc.

Typically, most bottles of hydrogen peroxide which are bought at a drug store have the concentration of 3%. If mixed with the same amount of water, it could be used as a mouthwash without causing gum irritation.

Some other properties of hydrogen peroxide (HO):

  • The melting point –  (-0.4°C)
  • The boiling point – 150-152°C
  • Density – 1.4425 g/cm3
  • Vapour Pressure – 3 hPa

Pros – Cons Of Using Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash


  • It Kills Germs

Maybe, the best benefit of using hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash is the ability of killing germs as well as bacteria within your mouth. This could help prevent tooth decay, bad breath and infection. A study showed that the use of hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash can prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque, which contribute to gingivitis.

  • It Is Readily Available

One of pros of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is its feature of easy to find. Becasue of its diffenret applications, many people keep in their homes. Even, it is cheaper than those famous brands of mouthwash.


  • Its Flavor Is Unpleasant

A lot of people say that the taste of hydrogen peroxide is repulsive. That means you have to rinse their mouth many times to eliminate the taste, and you might also experience trouble using the mouthwash because of your gag reflex. To avoid this, you can infuse this mouthwash mixture with some mint.

  • It Is Harmful If Ingested

Despite hydrogen peroxide is safe if used in low amount, it could be fatal when ingested in large quantities. Some people reported that the chemicals cause irritation when making contact with their skin. Some people even noticed irritation, redness and stinging at the spot of application.

  • It Is Harmful For Your Gums If Used Too Long Or Too Often

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash – Detailed Steps

  • Brush your teeth
  • Floss between teeth
  • Swish your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide for 1 minute or so. This will help any gunk out of the way, and peroxide could get into your gums easily.
  • Gargling with hydrogen peroxide will get the substance in contact with the back of your mouth as well as throat.
  • Just use this method once per day.

Alternatively, you could also hydrogen peroxide this way:

  • After brushing your teeth and flossing between teeth well, you mix half water and half 3% hydrogen peroxide together to create a 1.5 % peroxide solution.
  • Put the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the peroxide at the gums as normal
  • Rinse your mouth off after 1-2 minutes or so
  • Just use this method once per day as hydrogen peroxide will harm your gums if used too often or too long.

There you have learnt basic steps on how to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash. Remember that there is no bad effects of using hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash that can happen if you dilute it properly. If it is not diluted appropriately, you may suffer from tooth sensitivity and blanche your own gums, despite the negative effects typically do not last long. Follow these steps strictly and if you notice any strange reaction, especially with damage on health, you need to contact with a doctor instantly.

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